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Find Missing Money/Recover Lost Assets Owed to You for Free

Billions of dollars $ are held by state, federal, and local government agencies including courts, auditors, assessors, recorders, comptrollers, etc., and private organizations across North America that belong to citizens and small businesses.  The holders make little effort to locate the owners, and often people never get the money rightly owed to them.and it is kept by the government.  At the bottom of this page, we have provided a list of links where you can search for money owed to you or your business, friends, and family.

These funds can date back a few years to 20 years or more, and may be from an uncashed check or money order, an insurance benefit, old stocks, lost or forgotten savings bonds no longer earning interest, tax or other refunds, and from many other sources, and the holders are making interest on your money (you are effectively giving them an interest-free loan in most cases), and may even keep it if you don't claim it within a certain time frame.

If you ever had an employer, had a relative who received a pension, owned a home, had a bank account or belonged to a union, had an insurance policy, was involved in a court case, owned a credit card, have child support owed to you, filed taxes, had a relative who passed away or had a safety deposit box, filed bankruptcy or was owed money by someone who filed bankruptcy, if you made utility deposits, or made other bill payments, experienced a foreclosure where excess proceeds might have been earned during a sheriff's auction, etc., you may be owed money.

Check below for yourself, your business, friends, family, and deceased relatives where you may be entitled to their inheritance or insurance proceeds, not just in your own state, but anywhere you may have lived, where a relative may have lived, where a company you worked for might be located, etc.  Don't forget to check maiden names and similar spellings/misspellings.  See our list of states below.

Besides states, we've included links to HUD, FDIC, IRS, National Credit Union Administration, Treasury Direct, Unclaimed Funds listed by County, Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp., Veteran's Insurance and other agency databases, Canadian and foreign sources, bankruptcy courts and, although not necessarily listed below due to the massive scope, search online or contact by phone your local and regional municipal courts, auditor, assessor's, and recorder's offices for their lists of unclaimed funds, unclaimed property, unclaimed assets, etc., which often are not published online, although may occasionally be published as a brief notice in a newspaper.  Eventually, regional organizations typically submit funds to the state, but it can take years before they are reported and before you can find them easily on your own.

In most cases, you can search for free where the data is available and recover your funds without paying anyone to help you, as long as you know they exist and where to look.  But asset recovery specialists do exist who can help you reclaim assets.  Unfortunately, many of these agencies holding your funds tend to portray asset finders in a negative light because they receive a fee for their efforts, possibly to deter those owed money from trusting these recovery specialists, and thus never pursuing their rightful claims.  

Finders can often be a legimitate, credible, and a valuable source of finding lost money you might have never known you had, although they will typically contact you if they find a substantial amount worth their effort of recovering.  They frequently invest a good deal of research time tracking unclaimed assets, locating the missing owners who often have moved, and assisting in the claim process and administrative matters.  A reputable unclaimed property locator will not ask for any money up front, and will only be paid when your money is recovered.

For their investigative time, administrative costs, and assisting you in processing the paperwork, which can be quite intensive in some situations, you can expect them to charge 10% to 20% on average.  Asset recovery specialists often have many tools that give them advantage that the average person does not, including access to paid databases that show funds you are not yet aware of, and that have not yet been sent to the state, and when you don't have the time, they will perform the tedious and time-consuming task of weeding through all the potential agency's records who may be holding your funds, each having a different claim process, therefore using such an asset recovery professional who contacts you can be simple, low-risk, and offer a high potential payoff of funds you may have never have known you were owed had they not contacted you. 

When you file a claim, expect to provide identifying data and other documentation that proves ownership of the claim.  Once approved, payments can take anywhere from weeks to months to be processed depending on the organization, backlog, and complexity of the case.

Alabama Money Quest

Alaska Dept of Revenue Treasury Division

Alberta, Canada Unclaimed Property

Arizona Unclaimed Property

Arkansas Great Treasure Hunt

Bank of Canada Unclaimed Balances

Bankruptcy Courts

British Columbia Unclaimed Property

California Unclaimed Property

Colorado State Treasurer Great Payback

Connecticut Unclaimed Property

County and City Listings of Unclaimed Funds Sources

Delaware Unclaimed Property Lists

District of Columbia Unclaimed Property Database

Escheatable.com - Unclaimed Property News

FDIC Unclaimed Funds

Florida Treasure Hunt

Georgia Unclaimed Property

Hawaii Unclaimed Property Search

HUD Mortage Refunds

Idaho Unclaimed Property Search

Illinois Cash Dash / Lost and Found

Indiana Unclaimed Property

Iowa Great Treasure Hunt

Kansas Unclaimed Property

Kentucky Unclaimed Property Search

Louisiana Unclaimed Property

Maine Unclaimed Property Search

Maryland Unclaimed Property

Massachusetts Abandoned Property Search

Michigan Money Quest

Michigan Unclaimed Child Support Search

Minnesota Unclaimed Property Lookup


Mississippi Unclaimed Property

Missouri Unclaimed Property Database

Montana Unclaimed Property

National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) unclaimed deposits
(Includes many Borinquen, Hmong American, St..Paul Croatian, Kappa Alpha Psi,  Punjab and Sindh Credit Union entries)

Nebraska Unclaimed Property Search

Nevada Asset Recovery

New Hampshire Abandoned Property

New Jersey Unclaimed Property Search

New Mexico Unclaimed Property

New York Office of Unclaimed Funds

North Carolina Courts Unclaimed Property by County

North Carolina Unclaimed Funds

North Dakota Unclaimed Property

Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds

Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Search

Oregon Unclaimed Property

Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property Search

Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) Funds Owed

Quebec, Canada Unclaimed Property

Rhode Island Unclaimed Property

South Carolina Unclaimed Property Search

South Dakota Unclaimed Property

Tennessee Unclaimed Property Search

Texas Unclaimed Property Search

Treasury Direct Bond Hunt
(Must know Social Security Number to search.  You can also obtain a deceased relative's Social Security Number (if it has been over 10 years -- public records) from the Social Security Administration.

Unclaimed Funds by County and City

Unclaimed.org - NAUPA

 Utah State Unclaimed Property

Vermont Unclaimed Property Search

Veterans Unclaimed Insurance Funds
(Must know full name including middle or initial, and specific birth or death date to search)

Virginia Money Search

Virgin Islands Unclaimed Property Lists

Washington State Unclaimed Property

West Virginia eClaims Search

Wisconsin Unclaimed Property Search

 Wyoming Unclaimed Property Division

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