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Charitable Resources -- Help Others & Find the Assistance You Need

There are many organizations out there created to help others in need -- they may be funded by concerned living individuals, from assets left in wills by those who have passed away and wish to leave a legacy for others, by companies and other organizations that otherwise would be taxed on the money if they don't give it away, etc.  If you have a little or a lot to share, there is no better way to make your life have greater purpose than to make a positive difference in the lives of others by giving money, time, guidance, and/or material items to those who truly need your help.  And if you're struggling to get by like hundreds of thousands of others  for a variety of reasons, you can find the assistance you need -- you may need to be persistent and patient, but there are many people out there who care and want to help, so explore all of your options!  The links below are just a start.  New charities are popping up every day, so don't neglect to run your own search such as on Google using the keywords most relevant to your region and needs.

AVID - Helps kids struggling in school prepare for college.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Cars Helping Veterans - Over 200,000 veterans will sleep on our nation's streets tonight. However, we believe that no one who put his or her life on the line to defend our country should ever have to face the devastating reality of being homeless. The funds raised from your generous car donation will be used to provide food, shelter, clothing and many other much needed services to wounded war veterans.

Catholic Charities

Charities that Help You Start a Business

Charities that Provide Free Cars / Discount Transportation

Charity Navigator

ClothingDonations.org - Donate new or gently used clothing and other household goods urgently needed to help veterans and their families. Free pickup.

DonateMyDress - Free prom dresses.  You can also donate a dress in person or by mail.


DonationTown - Find a charity that will pick up your donations for free.  See ClothingDonations.org above which also picks up.

Donation Value Guide

DonorsChoose - See what great teachers need for their students.

Feeding America

Find A Food Bank Near You

Freecycle Network - Join Freecycle (a Yahoo group) in your county to get discarded free items people are offering, and give away free items you no longer need.  A great way to recycle, keep garbage out of the landfills, help save money and the planet.  This is different from barter or direct trading which can be taxable.  You do not exchange with others, but either give away free or get something free.

Free Food / Nutrition Assistance - For low-income, disabled, disadvantaged, unemployed, women with children (WIC, summer programs, and school meals), veterans, homeless, ill, elderly and others in need or at risk (See our Food Programs page also for links to food pantries, soup kitchens, church programs, etc.)

Free Lifeline Cellphones - For disadvantaged low-income citizens struggling with unemployment, health issues, disabilities and other challenges that have threatened their ability to afford basic necessities.  Current companies include Safelink Wireless (Tracfone), Assurance Wireless (Sprint Nextel), ReachOut Mobile, and QLink Wireless.

If you don't qualify for a free government phone, Boost Mobile is a great cheap alternative & has all the up-to-date phone models.  You pay a flat fee of $50 for unlimited everything (email, web, text messaging, etc.), there are no extra charges, and if you pay on time every month, the rate goes down (shrinkage).

Give Forward - Donate to help ill and injured patients and their families with medical bills


Global Giving

Great Non-Profits

Habitat for Humanity

Homeless Veterans Programs

Housing & Homelessness Charities

Innocence Project - A national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals, including felons, through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system.  Innocence projects also exist independently in every state, often within university law departments.  Search your region for other innocence projects andd additional resources, and read more about justice system reform at InjusticeCenter.org.

Ioby - Brings environmental projects to life, block by block.

i to i Volunteering - Life changing travel.

Kiva - This is not truly a charity, but you're helping people so I thought it was a good place to list it. Thru Kiva you can personally lend $25 or more to help people start their own businesses with projects in most countries, including the United States. Low risk with a good history of repayment and long track record of success.

Locks of Love

My Stuff Bags for Children in Crisis

National Coalition for the Homeless

One Click At A Time

Outreach Program

Pajama Project - Provides new pajamas and new books to children in need.

PetriDish - Scientific research projects & expeditions are posted, and funded if financial goals are reached

Princess Project - California free prom dress program.

Restores - A home improvement and household product resale store that sells used and surplus construction and home goods at a fraction of the retail cost with proceeds benefitting Habitat for Humanity.  So fix up your home for less, improve its value, save money, and do good at the same time!

Ronald McDonald House

Safe Horizon - Moving victims of violence from crisis to confidence.  Serving those who have experienced domestic violence, assault, rape, incest, stalking, child abuse, and more.  Provides counseling, shelters, legal assistance, basic essentials and support.

Salvation Army

Samaritan Guide

Shelter Listings by State and City

Soles for Souls


Volunteers of America

Volunteer Vacations

United Way

Vietnam Veterans of America

Wish Upon A Hero Foundation

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