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Useful Environmental Resources for Individuals and Families

This resource list is not limited to general environmental sources of information and products, but also resources that indirectly relate to our environment, utilize aspects of our natural environment for beneficial purposes, and impact health and lifestyle.

Community Gardening - You can garden on your own or pool your resources with neighbors and start a community garden for support and a healthy natural source of affordable food.  Don't forget to use natural organic and heirloom seeds that are not from chemically treated plants and have not been genetically modified / engineered.

Earth911 - The latest in wasteless living.  Locate recycling centers for hazardous materials, metal, glass, household products, batteries, paper, plastic, electronics, garden, automotive, and construction materials, and possibly make a little extra money at the same time. The site also has informative articles with reviews of new environmentally responsible products, how to do it yourself, low-waste restaurants, and hundreds of great creative ideas to live a more ecofriendly and thrifty life.

Eat Well Guide - Local, Sustainable, Organic.  Search nationwide by location for hand-picked cooperatives, as well as natural community gardens, farmer's markets,  community-supported agriculture (CSA), bakeries, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), caterers, coffee shops, butchers, ranches, breweries, shops, and educational centers.

Energy Tax Credits - At least through 2016, homeowners can receive a one-time tax credit equal to 30% of the total investment cost for making energy-saving improvements to their homes including installing geothermal heat pump systems, purchasing Energy Star appliances, energy-efficient doors and windows, insulation, air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, and more.  The cap was $1500 but was slated to be raised, so check out the latest tax form 5695.

eRideShare - An online community serving over a million visitors that helps you start carpools, advertise or respond to ads for shared cross-country trips, transportation to help employees get to work, students to college, people to doctor's appointments, airports, events, etc. while saving on gas, auto maintenance costs, becoming less energy dependent, meeting new friends, and helping the environment.

Ethical Deal - Daily deals for urban dwellers featuring up to 70% off organic food, green cleaning products, healthy supplements, natural skincare, eco baby products and more.

Free Solar Panels for Low Income Homes - This program sponsored by non-profit group Grid Alternatives is starting out in California and Colorado, but plans to eventually go nationwide to enable people to move off dependence on the power grid.

Generate Your Own Power - Learn more about tapping into solar, wind, and microhydro power, and energy conservation.

GreenPeople - Directory of cooperative health food stores.

Homesteading Resources - A list of links to learn to homestead,  from growing your own food to building a cozy home. Plus, training  resources to learn homesteading skills.

Indoor Air Pollution & Non-Toxic Paints - Your EarthEasy guide to choosing healthier paints, strippers, and other products that contain less harmful chemicals rather than ones that outgas toxins that can harm you and your family's health.

Intentional Communities - Includes ecovillages, cohousing communities and initiatives, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, communes, alternative communities and other arrangements where people strive together toward a common vision.

Living Off the Grid - Free Yourself! - Provides useful resources including LandBuddy which connects people up who would like to collectively work together living off the grid.

Local Harvest - Real food. Real farmers. Real community.

Make Your Own Cosmetics and Cleaners - Stop relying on high-priced stores and brands, and make your own healthier and more natural makeup and cleaning supplies with these recipes

Natural Food Co-Ops Directory

Naturopathic Physicians Directory - Locate a doctor who will treat you naturally and avoid dangerous procedures or synthetic chemical drugs with a plethora of  harmful side effects often worse than the disease.

Plant Swaps - Garden Web directory of links to exchange, swap, trade plants for your vegetable or flower garden, seeds, bulbs, cuttings, and supplies.

Recycling Centers - Search by area to find a location where you can recycle your office supplies, plastic bags, your car, electronics, organic compost material, metals, glass, refuse, and more. You can also calculate your footprint and read about the latest recycling news.

Rooftop Gardens - How to plant a living roof.

Scorecard - The world's largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of consumer products.  Formerly run by the EPA, but now sponsored by GoodGuide, this site allows you to search your region to see who the biggest polluters who are releasing toxic chemicals and causing health hazards and environmental damage.  GoodGuide also offers a handy downloadable "transparency toolbar" that claims to help you find products that are healthy, green and socially responsible.

Shades of Going Green - One step at a time.  Green tips, sustainable transportation, easy composting, green pet and baby supplies, eco weddings, living green with organic food, and making your home more environmentally friendly.

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