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Free and Cheap Fun Family Activities / Things to Do

Amish Country
 - The plain and simple people who still live largely as they did  in the 1800s with horse-drawn carriages, no electricity, plain dress, large families and farms, community barn raisings, old world foods and customs, using the Dutch language (although most know English).  They are wonderful restaurant hosts, run numerous cheese factories with tours, have quilting and craft shows, entertaining livestalk and farm auctions, make fabulous furniture, and some working farms are open to the public with buggy rides for children, while some offer rooms in their homes for the opportunity to help out on the homestead and experience Amish living for yourself. There is a large population in Ohio, but Amish ccommunities exist across the country so Google the Amish in your region.

Arkansas Free Fun Activities and Events

Diamond Digging - Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is the only diamond-producing site in the world where the public can search for diamonds. And the policy here is "finders, keepers." The diamonds you find are yours to keep.

Discover South Carolina - Lots of Free Stuff to Do!

Find Lost Treasure - Have fun reading about legends of buried or stolen loot, follow clues, and go on an adventure to try to track down and discover real lost treasures.

40 Free or Nearly Free Summer Activities for Kids

Free Activities in Alabama

Free Activities in Alaska

Free Activities in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Free Activities in Iowa

Free Activities in Little Rock, Arkansas

Free Activities in Maryland

Free Activities in Michigan

Free Activities in Nebraska

Free Activities in New Hampshire

Free Activities in Oklahoma City

Free Activities in Utah

Free Activities in Virginia

Free Activities Throughout New York State

Free and Cheap San Francisco Bay Area Events

Free and Cheap Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii

Free Attractions in Maine

Free Events in Akron, Ohio

Free Events in Anchorage, Alaska

Free Events in Atlanta, Georgia

Free Events in Denver, Colorado

Free Events in Pennsylvania

Free Events in St. Louis, Missouri

Free Family Attractions in New Jersey

Free Family Friendly Attractions in North Dakota

Free Family Friendly Things to Do in Washington, DC

Free Fun Activities in Idaho

Free Fun Activities in Kentucky

Free Fun Activities in Texas

Free Fun Activities in Wisconsin

Free Fun & Educational Things to do in Massachusetts

Free Fun in Austin, Texas

Free Kids Activities in Houston

Free Museum Days - Fun and educational museums to visit in major destionation cities that offer free admission or accept donations.

Free or Almost Free Kids Activities in New York City

Free Printable Coloring Pages

Free Things for Families To Do On Weekends

Free Things to Do in Arizona

Free Things to Do in Austin, Texas

Free Things to Do in Boston, Massachusetts

Free Things to Do in Burlington, Vermont

Free Things to Do in California

Free Things to Do in Charleston, West Virginia

Free Things to Do in Cincinnati, Ohio

Free Things to Do in Colorado

Free Things to Do in Connecticut

Free Things to Do in Georgia

Free Things to Do in Illinois

Free Things to Do in Indiana

Free Things to Do in Kansas

Free Things to Do in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Free Things to Do in Missouri

Free Things to Do in Oregon

Free Things to Do in South Dakota

Free Things to Do in Tennessee

Free Things to Do in Washington State

Free Things to Do With Kids in Cleveland

Fun Free Florida Activities

Honolulu Free Family Events

100 Fun & Mostly Free Things to Do with Your Family

101 Absolutely Free Kids Activities

120 Free Things to Do With Kids This Summer

KidMatter - Focuses on kids events and activities in California

Kid Printables

Kids Printable Treasure Hunt Party Games - Inexpensive and fun birthday or theme party treasure hunts with pre-made clues to solve from Cluetrackers.com

Knowledge Adventure Games

Learn4Good - Free access to hundreds of educational games, activities, worksheets, lessons, and more

Living History - Historical reinactments, restored outdoor village museums with folklife, farms and agricultural attractions.

Mr. Free Stuff

Natural Park Foundation - See breathtaking scenery and wildlife, visit hot springs, volcanic landscapes, ancient forts, the everglades, crater lake, the Grand Canyon, caves and more -- so much to choose from across the country!  Your state parks are just as amazing so also check out what they have to offer.

Nickelodeon - Free online adventure games for kids

Nourish Interactive - Free children's nutrition activities.

NYC Go - Free events in New York City.  Museums, attractions, tours, kids activities, and more!

Ocean City Free For All (Maryland)

Printables for Kids

San Francisco Kids

Shoestring Spots - Free and cheap U.S. activities for the cash-strapped and budget-conscious.  Links to fun, fabulous activities in cities across the country.

10 Free Things to Do in Historic Corinth, Mississippi

12 Free Things to Do in Shreveport - Bossier, Louisiana

The Rain Forest in America - Visit the only rain forest in the United States, the amazing and beautiful Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park in Washington State.

Time Out Chicago Kids

Time Out New York Kids

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