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Online Grocers & Other Food Sources

Online food resources are growing in number to include large-scale traditional grocery stores, organic grocers, kosher groceries, ethnic grocers, Amish grocers, co-ops, and farms who ship direct to the consumer, often nationwide, although many others are limited to local deliveries.  

Shipping has been one of the major barriers, both due to the cost and issues with transporting perishables, but many of these challenges are being overcome.  Some grocers also accept payment in the form of Paypal, checks, EBT food stamps, COD, money orders, in addition to credit cards.  We have included below links to some of the more established resources, as well as a few useful online coupon sites that provide online grocer discounts.

AllInKosher - Kosher supermarket with an impressive selection - kosher foods, homemade breads, Jewish dishes, deli sides, butcher meats, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables,desserts,frozen foods, organic and natural. Regularly offers free shipping over $100 if not excessive weight.

Blackwing Quality Meats - Large selection of organic meats sold to the public at wholesale prices.  Products include beef, chicken, pork, turkey, elk, venison, bison, lamb, wild boar, duck, hens, goat, ostrich meat, marinades, pet food, and more.

CouponCabin - Search here to find discount codes for most online stores, restaurants, free shipping, printable retail and grocery coupons.

Coupons.com - Grocery store and local printable coupons.

Free Food / Nutrition Assistance - Some online grocers accept EBT SNAP food stamps, such as Schwan's.  For low-income, disabled, disadvantaged, unemployed, women with children (WIC, summer programs, and school meals), veterans, homeless, ill, elderly and others in need or at risk (See our Food Programs page also for links to food pantries, soup kitchens, church programs, etc.)

Groceries Express - Offers cheeses, fresh produce, butters, baked goods, organic items (including organic wines), and many specials price cuts.

Lacense Beef - Grass-fed beef products.  Strong commitment to sustainable ranching and humane animal treatment.  Good prices if you get the sale items.  I've tried many of their products and most were high quality and delicious.

Local Harvest - A directory of organic markets and farms, including ones that offer online ordering and delivery.

MexGrocer - This site just keeps improving.  Used to be very limited, but now reasonsable prices and shipping worldwide.  Has fresh peppers, other vegetables, dairy, cheese, milk, Mexican, Latin, Spanish groceries such as olives, tomatillos, breads, fruits, salsa, jams, seafood, chilis, desserts, and many unique ethnic food products.  Frequently offers free shipping or discounts (check CouponCabin.com and enter codes at checkout).  Note: We got an error every time we added an item to our shopping cart -- ignore this, it still worked.

NetGrocer - Nationwide shipping of natural, organic, and traditional grocery products.  A big selection, but unfortunately stopped shipping refrigerated and frozen products.  Since they base the shipping cost on price and not weight, a good place to order heavier items from like beverages.

RedPlum - Printable coupons for groceries, restaurants, and household products.

SavingStar - Instantly select eCoupons and apply them to your grocery store customer cards.  No coupon clipping necessary.

Schwan's - Many foods are pre-made meals which can be a little more expensive, but convenient.  They have frequent discounts, offer a rewards program, and provide excellent reviews of products from prior buyers to help you decide what is worth ordering.  They also are one of the few online who accept EBT food stamps.

UPromise (by Sallie Mae) - Join for free.  Register your credit cards with them and link through their site for amazing deals with cash back when you spend through them, like at grocery stores.  Then have your earnings deposited into a savings account, investment plan, pay off school loans, or receive a check.  They also provide you a link to share online, in emails, and with family and friends where if they shop through it you receive more cash back.

U.S. Wellness Meats - Grass-fed dairy, beef, poultry, lamb, bison, rabbit, wild seafood, and butter, delicious raw organic cheeses, ice cream, compassionate certified pork, honey, condiments, snacks, and pet food.  Frequent sale items and shipping specials.

ValPak - Local coupons, contests, and savings on groceries, restaurants, shopping, services, and more.

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