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Find Missing Money/Recover Lost Assets Owed to You -

Bankruptcy Courts

If you or your business were owed money by someone who may have filed bankruptcy, or you filed bankrupty and some proceeds remain, you may be owed money.  Below is a list of links to many of the U.S. bankruptcy courts, although not inclusive.  If you do not see the court near you listed here, you can still search for and contact your regional court to obtain a copy of their unclaimed funds lists and determine if you, your business, or that of a friend or family members are owed any unclaimed funds.  In many cases, you can search either by debtor's name or recipient.  Click the following link to return back to the Find MissingMoney Main Page.

Arizona Bankrupty Court Unclaimed Funds

Colorado U.S. Bankruptcy Court Unclaimed Funds Search

District of Columbia Bankrtuptcy Court Unclaimed Funds

Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court Unclaimed Funds

Louisiana Eastern District Bankruptcy Court Unclaimed Funds

New Mexico USBC Unclaimed Funds Search

Texas Western District Bankruptcy Court Unclaimed Funds

Wisconsin Western District Bankruptcy Court Unclaimed Funds

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