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Fun Money Making Opportunities

Competitions, Design Work, Freelancing, Writing, Quizzes, Ideas, Research, Collaborative Projects, Voiceovers, Photography, & More

There are many alternative way to earn extra money while at the same time gaining experience and doing what you love best.  Its not all easy money, its often competitive, but its often fun and can be profitable with a little talent, know-how, persistence and hard work.  Although it can be challenging to find quality sites, there is no need to pay to belong to any freelancing community. They should make money from the buyer or employer, from percentage fees once funds are earned, and/or from advertising or other sources.

AllArtCompetitions - Web directory of artistic competitions from around the world.

Astada - Crowdsourced design tasks such as logos, web site creation, Flash, stationery, banners, print, and other graphic projects.

Choosa - Creatives design and buyers Choosa winner.   Categories include logos, packaging, flyers, Wordpress, clothing, web sites, print advertising, brand naming, and more.

BrandCrowd - Buying and selling logos made simple.  

CloudCrowd - Get paid to write, edit, perform online research, enter data, and perform other tasks while you work from home on your own schedule. And win cash in contests too.

CreativeAllies - Enter design contests and win prizes and royalties.  Delivers social media campaigns and launches contests such as bandwear design, posters, advertising, etc. for consumer brands, entertainment companies, festivals, and more.

DesignContest - Graphic art competitions including logos, print design, banners, icons, stationery and business cards, templates, Wordpress, T-shirts, and special projects.

DesignCrowd - If you're artistically talented, design for pay t-shirts, flyers, logos, posters, advertisements, business cards and other graphic material. Also write and sell your articles.

Find Lost Money Owed to You - There are millions of $ in missing assets out there just waiting to be found.  Click here to see if you might be able to recover some for yourself, friends, or family.

Freelancer - Projects and competitions. Competitions are mainly under the design section and denoted with trophy icons.  All other projects you must bid on, so be wary of bidding  too low. Has book and report writing, computer work, typist and data entry work, artwork, video projects, voiceovers, brainstorming, research, and a lot more. Requires a Facebook account to log in.

Gamesville - I'd normally say playing games is a waste of time, but if you're going to take a break and play some games for entertainment, visit Gamesville where you at least have a chance of winning real substantial cash prizes while having some fun at the same time.  Remember to stay logged in while playing or if you win the game you don't get the prize.  Last I heard you also have to wait at least a month to get your winnings.

GeoQuiz - Gives away $100 almost every weekday for being the first to answer a geography quiz question. Occasional $500 contests.

Graphic Competitions - A listing of graphic design, illustration, animation, photography, and other contests.

Hatchwise - Logo, design, and naming competitions.  I have won on this so it is legitimate, but currently be prepared to wait at least a month to get paid, the staff is not helpful, and the site is dysfunctional with very unclear explanations and dead links.  Also, they take out hefty 20% fees on top of what they charge the buyer under the guise of rising PayPal fees.  They pay twice a month and usually don't even begin to authorize the payment until the following pay period to prepare it for the next.  I emailed numerous times and they never responded, and their blog said basically they're too busy so don't bother them.

Hire the World - Compete in design competitions and projects which vary from logos, t-shirts, Autocad, Adobe Illustrator, artwork, fashion design, drawing and sketching, business cards and stationery, book covers, newsletters, advertising, and more.  Pays by multiple methods with no or minimal fees -- PayPal, Western Union, checks, bank transfers, Payza, Payoneer (better for global clients - headquartered in New York, pays with a Choice Bank Debit Mastercard that can be used to withdraw at ATMs and for credit/debit card purchases. There is a one-time activation fee that comes out when get paid & small transfer/maintenance fees), as well as other payment methods.

Idea Bounty - Clients submit briefs asking for ideas to a global think tank of creatives and the best ideas are rewarded.

In-Box Dollars - Get paid small amounts that add up to search from their engine, play games, complete surveys and other tasks.  I tried it out and by the next day after completing only 4 or 5 brief tasks had earned $7 without ordering or paying for anything.

Innocentive - Problem-solving competitions - many technical and science or engineering-based, but not all.

InstantCashSweepstakes - Answer brief surveys, occasional instant wins, and earn entries into $50 daily drawings for instant cash.

LogoArena - Logo design contests.

LogoDesignCrew - Join to enter contests for design of logos, web sites, and other graphics projects.

MovieBytes - Screenwriting contests.

NameStation- This is an interesting concept.  You suggest available company or product names of domains and if the buyer "likes" your entry you earn points, and the overall winner chosen gets the larger pot of points.  When you total 500 points you get $50 sent to your PayPal card.  The names submitted are kept private until the contest closes, so be sure if you don't want those names easily used by others go in and remove them after they are "contributed" following the end of the competition.

NamingForce - Business and product naming contests.

Odesk.com - Search and apply for contracting work doing a variety of office tasks, research, order processing, game development, writing, payroll, Powerpoint presentations, blogging, data entry, and more.

Paid Viewpoint - Pays small amounts for each quick market survey, but it can add up to quite a few dollars quickly & you can cash out every time you reach $15 and have it sent to your Paypal email address.

PeoplePerHour - Although you bid with hourly rates, the jobs comprise a variety of freelance jobs such as copywriting, editing, design, office and administrative assistant work, translators, accounting, videos, web development, research, transcription, and creative projects.

Prizes.org - A site where anyone can create a contest and anyone can enter to win cash for the best answers, ideas, graphic and web design, naming a company or product, writing slogans and tag lines, and much more! (supposed to be closing down in 2013?)

RiffStar - Music artists publish songs, get heard, get noticed, win cash prizes with your songs.  Get 250 Mb of free riffstar space.

Squadhelp - Competions where buyers pay for the best names and taglines, designs, testing and research, writing, marketing, branding and slogans, search engine optimization, advice, and more.

Swagbucks - Online rewards portal dedicated to helping customers earn gift cards, electronics, and other merchandise. Swagbucks can be earned by shopping online, using their search engine, taking paid surveys, buying daily deals, completing trial offers, or playing games.

Teachers Pay Teachers - If you're a grade school teacher, preschool teacher, or even a homeschooler and are great at preparing fun, interesting, unique and effective educational materials, you can sell them on this site to other teachers to help save them time, allow their students to benefit from your teaching abilities, and make a little money on the side.  Not that all teachers on this site are this successful, but one teacher had a national article published about how she earned over a million dollars from sales of her original worksheets, so a decent income is certainly possible if you're skilled.

Textbroker - Writing jobs from product descriptions to news articles. Pay increases with quality of work.  Starts out low, but legitimate, pays quickly and reliably.  If you write well and fairly quickly, can earn decent extra income.

The Game Crafter - Design, make, and sell your own board games.

Threadless - Design graphics for T-shirts, create slogans, sell your ideas and designs or enter competitive challenges to win cash & prizes.

Tongal - Advertisers, companies, and movie projects looking to reward the best contributing video producers, animators, concept writers and script writers, actors/crew, and pitch / idea generators.

Witmart - Get hired for freelance work as a designer, translator, writer, web developer, video production, customer service, sales and marketing, document production, business assistance, audio / voice recordings, and much more!

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